Savage murder of pregnant Cherrish Allbright by baby’s father, Brad Smith investigated on The Night That Didn’t End

Mugshot of Brad Smith
Brad Hunter Smith was found guilty of capital murder and sentenced to death. Pic credit: Cleveland County Sheriff’s Dept.

In a particularly savage case, the bodies of Cherrish Allbright and her unborn child were found in an unmarked grave in Arkansas in December 2015. She had been shot in the back with an arrow and had received two blunt-force impacts to the back of her head.

It later transpired that she was murdered by the unborn child’s father, Brad Hunter Smith, who enlisted his friends Jonathan Guenther and Joshua Brown to help him with the crime.

In November, Allbright had informed Smith that she was pregnant with his child. In the following weeks, Smith had made numerous comments to family, friends, and colleagues that he needed help with her murder.

Guenther and Brown agreed to help him, and a plan was hatched. Brown called Allbright under the pretext of wanting to smoke marijuana. Brown took the victim to a field where Guenther and Smith were hiding behind some trees.

Smith then shot Allbright in the back with a crossbow bolt. At this point, she was still alive and attempted to escape, but Smith struck her twice in the back of the head with a baseball bat, which caused her death. The trio then transported her corpse to a gravesite behind Smith’s home.

The Sheriff’s Department later took Brown in for questioning on an unrelated matter. With encouragement from his mother, he ended up confessing to the Allbright murder, and later took officers to the burial site.

From the information provided by Brown, officers were able to arrest Smith and his cohort Guenther. Smith was charged with kidnapping, abuse of a corpse, and capital murder. He was sentenced to death.

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Guenther and Brown avoided the death penalty by entering a plea agreement. They were charged with first-degree murder rather than capital murder.

In 2018 Smith made an appeal regards some of the aggravating factors that were presented during his initial trial. There was no question regards his guilt but there was some disagreement within those hearing the appeal on the aggravating factors.

Catch the details of the case in The Night That Didn’t End at 9/8c on Investigation Discovery.

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