‘Wolverine’ killer who murdered sister, mom and her boyfriend profiled on CopyCat Killers

A new documentary tonight looks at the chilling case of ‘Wolverine’ killer Jed Allen — who murdered his sister, mom and her boyfriend in a fit of rage.

Allen was 21 when he carried out the triple murder using a hunting knife then scrawled ‘I’m sorry’ on his bedroom wall using their blood.

CopyCat Killers on ReelzChannel tonight looks at how he was inspired by the X-Men character Wolverine, who he was said to be obsessed with, and “found strength” in him.

His mother Janet Jordon, 48, was an alcoholic and heroin addict, with both heroin and methadone found in her system after she died despite her undergoing treatment to try and come off the drug at the time.

Allen, who had suffered mental health problems since his early teens, murdered her, his six-year-old half-sister Derin and her mom’s boyfriend Philip Howard, 44, at their home in Oxford, England, in May 2015.

He was later found dead after hanging himself in a nearby wooded area, and was identified from the distinctive tattoos he had on his hands — one of a scorpion and one of a spider.

Watch the trailer for the CopyCat Killers documentary below, which reveals how he used to style his hair like Wolverine — and suggests he reached a point where he could no longer separate fact from fiction.

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CopyCat Killers airs Saturdays at 10pm ET/PT on ReelzChannel.

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