Reality TV bailiff star Renard Spivey acquitted of murder of wife, Patricia Spivey: Death by Fame investigates

Mugshot of Renard Spivey
Renard Spivey was ultimately acquitted by a jury for the murder of his wife, Patricia Spivey. Pic credit: Houston Police Department

Death by Fame is examining the death of Patricia Spivey, who was shot dead during an argument with her husband, Reality TV star and a Harris County sheriff’s deputy, Renard Spivey, at their home in Houston, Texas.

Renard was known as a bailiff on the Reality TV show Justice for All with Judge Cristina Perez, where he appeared from 2012 to 2016. He became a sheriff’s deputy in 1998 and primarily worked in detention.

In July 2019, at about 3 a.m., Renard dialed 911 and claimed, during a ten-minute call, he had accidentally shot his wife. The pair had allegedly been arguing all day about steroid use and infidelity, which culminated in a tousle with a Smith and Wesson handgun.

The fight ended with Renard shot in the leg and Patricia lying dead.

Renard claimed that both he and his wife were shot by accident. He said he had been searching his wife’s cellphone for evidence of infidelity when she confronted him with the firearm. He said the gun went off as they struggled.

The cops arrived to find Patricia lying dead in a walk-in closet in the master bedroom. Her cell phone and three shell casings were lying nearby, and the firearm had been placed on a hamper.

Houston police charged Renard Spivey with the murder of Patricia Spivey

The investigators were suspicious of Renard’s story, believing that he may have killed his wife because of a crumbling marriage. He was charged with murder.

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At Renard’s trial, the prosecution argued that a camera in the kitchen had recorded the sound of gunshots eight minutes after Patricia had gone to bed. The defendant argued that he had waited for his wife to go to bed before checking her cell phone for messages.

The defense team declared that Patricia had approached Renard with the firearm and that their client had just been defending himself.

Jury declared that Renard Spivey did not murder his wife, Patricia Spivey

After 12 hours of deliberations, a jury eventually agreed with the defense, acquitting Renard of murder. He also avoided the lesser charge of manslaughter.

One of Renard’s defense attorneys, Dick DeGuerin, said, “It was a tragedy. Nobody is really a winner in this, but at least the jury saw it was an accident. A tragic accident, but an accident nonetheless.”

The prosecution failed in proving that Renard and not his wife was holding the gun when it discharged.

After her death, Patricia’s brother, Ezra Washington, said of his sister, “She just loved life. Always smiling. Always loved photography. Loved to take pictures. I know where she’s going. I know the life she lived. You know, she did well. Gone too soon, but she did well.”

Death by Fame airs Mondays at 9/8c on Investigation Discovery.

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23 days ago

Got away with murder. May his life be filled with Karma.

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