William Miller murdered 5 people including children in a Scottsdale house: ID investigates

Mugshot of William Miller
William Miller shot dead five people in an act of revenge after two of his victims accused him of arson. Pic credit: Arizona Dept of Corrections

The Killer Beside Me looks at the cold-blooded murder of five people from the same household in Scottsdale, Arizona, in 2006.

William Craig Miller decided to exact revenge on Steven Duffy and Tammy Lovell for testifying against him in an arson case. He chose to kill them along with any witnesses that he thought got in his way.

In November 2005, Miller had decided to set fire to his house in north Scottsdale to collect insurance money. He enlisted his employee, Steven Duffy, to help him out with his arson plot.

However, things turned from bad to worse when Duffy’s live-in girlfriend, Tammy Lovell, an employee of Millers, persuaded her partner to assist the police and testify against their boss. This led to Miller being indicted for arson, which left him hellbent on revenge.

The police believe that Miller first attempted to hire a hitman to kill Duffy and Lovell, but when he could not find someone to do his dirty work, he took matters into his own hands.

William Miller massacred Steven Duffy, Tammy Lovell, and 3 children

On February 21, 2006, Miller went to the house in Mesa that Duffy and Lovell were sharing with Duffy’s brother, Shane, and Lovell’s two children, 15-year-old Cassandra and 10-year-old  Jacob, and he shot everybody dead.

There were three guns used in the massacre, two of which belonged to Miller, and the third belonged to Duffy. The police were subsequently able to link the two guns to Miller.

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Three weeks after the murders, Miller staged a robbery at his home in the hope that the police would think that the same people who orchestrated the massacre were now after him. However, when the police search his home, they found evidence linking him to the killings.

Miller subsequently pleaded guilty to the fraud and arson charges against him and was sentenced to 16 years in prison.

At the murder trial in 2011, Miller first agreed to plead guilty but then changed his mind and fired his attorney. However, his ploy failed as he was later found guilty on five murder counts and was sentenced to be executed.

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Laurence L. Smith
Laurence L. Smith
3 years ago

It is a disgrace that a reprobate like William Miller who murdered 5 people can now be fed by tax payers for decades to come while he lingers on death row, which might even be done away with if Democrats get in major positions of power.

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