Who is ‘Evil Stepmother’ and murder convict Colleen Harris?

This week’s edition of Evil Stepmothers casts a spotlight on Colleen Harris, a California who was convicted of first-degree murder after gunning down her husband, a former U.S. Forest Service supervisor, in January 2013.

The episode, named A Murder You Can’t Ignore, tells the story of Colleen Harris — whose stepson accused her in court of having “maliciously, hatefully, shot my dad while he was sleeping.”

Colleen Harris was nicknamed “Grandma Cookie” by her family.

“Successful and newly single, Colleen Harris is having a hard time starting over when she bumps into old flame Bob Harris,” says a press release for the show. “She plans to change her luck with this father of three. His kids will soon find out just how evil Colleen can really be.”

Bob Harris — a baseball umpire, sheriff’s volunteer and conservationist — was the third husband of Colleen, a land surveyor. She was allegedly worked up over an extramarital affair he had with a younger woman. Colleen reportedly shot Bob in the face with a shotgun while he slept because she was worried about losing him.
In 1986, Colleen escaped a conviction in a similar case in which she was accused of gunning down her second husband, James Batten.
In the Bob Harris case, Colleen insisted she had experienced a “gray fog” of traumatic memory loss.
But a jury in April 2015 found the Placerville woman guilty of first-degree murder.
Evil Stepmothers airs Thursdays at 10/9c on Investigation Discovery.

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