Who is Betty Lou Lazarra, ID’s newest Evil Stepmother?

Betty Lou Lazarra, a former fashion model who killed her husband — department store mogul Al Haber — in 1975 is the latest subject of Investigation Discovery’s series Evil Stepmothers, airing tonight.

The second episode of the show’s second season, titled The Price of Greed, shows how Lazarra’s stepchildren discovered “just how determined and evil she [could] be,” according to a description of the show.

Lazarra killed Haber in an attempt to reap the benefits of his life insurance policy. The killing earned her the nickname “The Black Widow.”

Her son from a prior marriage helped her arrange for a hitman to carry out the murder.

Lazarra spent 28 years in prison for the killing and was released in 2003, at age 67, after the Florida Parole Commission said she had served enough time behind bars.

Lazarra apparently helped other inmates by providing them with legal aid as a clerk in the prison library. She also passed a GED test and studied academics, for which she garnered an award from a women’s advocacy group.

“It’s very, very unusual for anybody to be incarcerated for this length of time and not receive any disciplinary reports,” the chairman for the commission reportedly said. “I think she has been rehabilitated.”

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But Lee Haber, son of Al Haber, reportedly said Lazarra shouldn’t have been released because she didn’t admit to the crime.

“How can someone be rehabilitated if they’ve never admitted to the crime?” Lee Haber said. “It’s not that I want her to eat dirt or anything like that. I want her to admit guilt. She’s living a lie.”

Evil Stepmothers airs Thursdays at 10/9c on Investigation Discovery.

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Paula Hartley
Paula Hartley
3 months ago

Anyone that kills or gets someone to kill for them should never live and receive the death sentence unless it’s been a awfull violent relationship

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