Jack Hamann brutally murdered his 82-year-old landlady, Agnes Bram: The Murder Tapes investigate

Jack Hamann mugshot
Jack Hamann is serving life in prison for murdering Agnes Bram. Pic credit: Dane County Sheriff’s Office

The Murder Tapes investigates an act of barbarity from Middleton, Wisconsin. Grandmother, 82-year-old Agnes Bram, was bludgeoned to death in her own home with such viciousness that a judge said, “he couldn’t get over it.”

Bram’s murderer was Jack Hamann, 52 or 53 years old at the time; he had rented a room from Bram for several years. In April 2016, Hamann bashed Bram over the head with a blunt object, while she lay on the ground he continued to pummel her head breaking her skull into multiple parts.

He then dragged her body into the garage and left it by some garbage cans.

Amazingly Hamann continued to live in his rented room as if nothing had happened until Bram was found three days later by her daughter, Rose Kelso, and grandson, Casey Kelso.

The evidence against Jack Hamann

When police went looking for Hamann, they found him at the University of Wisconsin Hospital; he told them, “I’m the person you are looking for.” Investigators found blood trails in the laundry room, garage, and Hamann’s room.

Video surveillance footage from Middleton Public Library showed Hamann walking threw the front doors twice on the day of the murder; he was wearing different clothes each time. Bram’s attorney and accountant would later testify that she had told them that she was having problems with her renter and was planning to ask him to leave.

Hamann was sentenced to life in prison; the judge told him at sentencing, “I cannot in good conscience allow you the chance of parole.” Hamann maintained his innocence, explaining to the court that he didn’t have a motive for killing his landlady.

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Hamann was a highly educated man who had suffered from alcoholism and mental illness; the community widely helped him in Middleton.

Bram was described by her daughter, Rose Kelso, as sharp-witted, independent, and a source of comfort for her entire family.

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3 years ago

I hate to be that guy, but you may want to spell & grammar check these before posting them.
“Public Library showed Hamann walking THREW the front doors twice on the day of the murder…” The sentence itself doesn’t make any sense, plus using the wrong “through.” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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