Bruce Mendenhall aka The Truck Stop Killer is a suspect in up to ten murders

Mugshot of Bruce Mendenhall
Bruce Mendenhall has been charged with four murders and is a suspect in another 6. Pic credit: Tennessee Dept. of Corrections

Deadly Recall looks at the case of serial killer Bruce Mendenhall, an Illinois based long-distance trucker who left corpses across the nation. This bespectacled man with a wife, two daughters, and a picket fence was not the type whom many thought would commit murder.

Sometimes known as The Truck Stop Killer or The Prosti-Shooter, he has been either charged or remains a suspect in at least ten different murders.

In the early morning hours on June 26, 2007, Sarah Hulbert’s body was discovered at a truck stop in Nashville. The 25-year-old prostitute had been sexually assaulted and shot with a single bullet.

Mendenhall was arrested a few weeks later at a truck stop on Interstate 24 in Nashville after the famous Nashville Detective Pat Postiglione recognized his truck on surveillance footage from the night Sara Hulbert was killed.

DNA of several murder victims was found in Mendenhall’s truck

When officers inspected his cab, they found blood splatter and spent ammo cartridges. They also found the DNA of at least five different women.

He later confessed to at least six homicides in Tennessee, Indiana, Georgia, and Alabama.

Mendenhall has been implicated in missing person cases from the upper Mid-west to the Gulf of Mexico. He is suspected in the murders of Tammy Zywicki of Missouri, Belinda Cartwright, and Deborah Glover, both of Georgia, Sherry Drinkard of Indiana, and Lucille Carter of Alabama.

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In addition to the Hulbert murder, Tennessee authorities also suspect him of killing Latisha Milliken, Symantha Winters, and Robin Bishop.

Mendenhall was convicted of murdering Hulbert, he has been charged in 3 other cases and remains a suspect in the others.

While in prison, he was found guilty of attempting to organize the murder of several key witnesses and had another 30-years added to his sentence.

The killer was considered stand-offish, and a bit rude by his neighbors, but nobody had ever expected him to commit murder. His family and friends knew he kept an illegal firearm in his truck, but before the killings, he had had no involvement with law officials.

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Deadly Recall airs Wednesday at 10/9c on Investigation Discovery.

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