Twins Wasel and Wael Ali shared DNA and early unnatural deaths – Investigation Discovery highlights their cases

Wasel and Wael Ali were as close as you’d expect and both shared a passion for the military and law enforcement, but their lives ended short – Evil Twins on Investigation Discovery examines their deaths.

On August 27, 2007, the body of Wasel was found in some woods near Columbia, he’d been choked to death. It took until 2011 for police to charge his brother Wael with his twin’s first-degree murder.

Detectives believed the pair argued and this resulted in Wael murdering 19-year-old Wasel. There was little evidence and DNA samples at the scene were not used as the twins shared the same DNA. At his trial the jury were not convinced and it was ruled a mistrial, with Wael being released.

He and his family then moved to the Atlanta area where he hoped to start a new life, but he too had his life ended abruptly. In November 2013, a friend of 25-year-old Wael was showing him a gun when it went off by accident. Wasel was shot in the front of the neck and died from his injuries.

His family buried him next to his twin brother, having never believed that he would do anything to harm the brother he was born and laid to rest with.

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