Victoria Rickman murdered her boyfriend Will Carter Jr. and claimed he’d raped her

Victoria Rickman claimed she shot her ex-boyfriend dead in self defence, but the truth was far darker – 48 Hours on ID spotlights this case.

Sept. 13, 2013, and Victoria Rickman made a 911 call to tell police that she’d shot her ex-boyfriend, Will Carter Jr., after he’d raped her.

By chance the detective who arrived at the scene also had a film crew with her, taking footage for the true crime show Inside Homicide.

Detective Summer Benton was immediately suspicious of the scene, as there appeared to be no sign of a struggle. She went on his hunch and just six hours after the call Rickman was arrested and charged with murdering her boyfriend.

The prosecutor claimed that Rickman was volatile and had made up the rape story to cover up her shooting Carter. They suggested that her motive was Carter’s failure to drop some previous battery charges that were pending against her.

In 2017 a jury found her guilty of first-degree murder and she was sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole.

The very presence of the TV show later caused problems for the p

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Anne Marie Weber
Anne Marie Weber
4 years ago

Even if she killed W Carter Jr., in cold blood, that horrific unrealistic “reality tv” show and the most psychotic detective they could locate at 3am… (She was probably awake all night because she was f**kin crazy and stupid and just knew she had to stay up in case she got to show the folks at home just how completely incompetent she was and still is.). For Christ sake, I sure hope victoria can try for an appeal, one that will stick. So she doesn’t have to suffer the wretched American justice system. Meh,
White people and their hypocrisy. It truly is staggering just how bleak and hollow so many are. Their judicial accounting of right vs wrong is more corrupt than most criminals can lay claim. Though I’m always amazed at how the justice system constantly chooses the most racist idiots to carry guns around. It’s always those who lack even just the bare minimum of critical thinking skills who are given permission to kill and then continue-on working shortly after killing a citizen. Justice with a side of corruption, how cosmopolitan. The psycho detective showed us just how limited Police(ish) training can be. in both law enforcement and acting

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