Vanished in Seattle spotlights the disappearance of up-and-coming rock star Brian Barton

Vanished in Seattle looks at the case of rising rock star Brian Barton, who vanished just before he was due to embark on a tour with his band.

Brian Barton was up and coming musician in the punk rock band as Fate Would Have It, when just before his first big tour was due to take place he vanished.

Brian was in love and his band were on their way up and possibly headed for the big time.

Then in 2005 the 25-year-old simply disappeared, leaving friends and fellow band mates equally baffled and suspicious of each other.

John Krebs was barton’s best buddy told the Huff Post that he thought Barton’s girlfriend Breanna Duvall knew something about his disappearance, but others are not so sure.

The founder of the band Barton played in, Dylan Loorem, think that he is still alive and simply chose to take off and start a new life.

However, just before he went missing Barton had split with his girlfriend then gotten back together, before then quitting the band.

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On March 10 he went to work, cash in his paycheck and then went for a therapy session. He was taking the latter in respect of his adoption and his relationship with his girlfriend. After he left the appointment he was never seen again.

His truck was found outside his apartment with his cellphone and keys in the vehicle. Inside the apartment was his wallet with $800 inside, there was no sign of Barton and the police investigation proved fruitless.

You can read more about the the various theories regards his disappearance in this Huffington Post feature and the case remains open.

Vanished in Seattle airs at 9:00 PM on Investigation Discovery.

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