Unsolved murders of Sandra Stevens, Mark Reynoso and Maria Desantiago examined on Still A Mystery

Family pics of Sandra Stevens, and Mark Reynoso and Maria Desantiago
The deaths of Sandra Stevens, and Mark Reynoso and Maria Desantiago are Still A Mystery. Pic credit: Justice for Sandra Stevens/ Facebook and Pinal County Sheriff’s Office

Still A Mystery is investigating two more incidents of mysterious unsolved deaths involving Sandra Stevens in Oklahoma, and a young couple, Mark Reynoso and Maria Desantiago, from Arizona.

Sandra Stevens was found dead from a shotgun blast at her boyfriends house in Oklahoma City. It was officially ruled a suicide, but friends of Sandra think her boyfriend knows more about her death than he is letting on.

Mark and Maria were shot dead outside their home in rural Mammoth, AZ, in 2017. A total lack of clues or evidence has meant their deaths have remained unsolved.

The death of Sandra Stevens

When the first responders arrived at the Oklahoma City home just before dawn on December 6, 2014, they found 21-year-old Sandra slumped against the bedroom wall. The scene was blood-splattered, and there was a 12-gauge shotgun lying on the floor near her hand.

The boyfriend who had dialed 911 told investigators it was suicide. He said the pair had been arguing earlier in the day because he thought she was cheating on him.

He claimed that the pair had begun to talk at approximately 3 am in the bedroom; however, when he left to smoke a cigarette, he heard a crack as she shot herself.

The boyfriend also told the detectives that Sandra had been consuming alcohol and drugs and was in a fragile emotional state.

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Sandra Steven’s death has officially been ruled a suicide.

However, friends and family of Sandra have voiced their suspicions that her boyfriend murdered her. She had already told her parents that she wished to leave her boyfriend and move back into her family home. They found evidence of control, power abuse, and manipulation on behalf of the boyfriend.

Texts between the couple reveal that he insisted on tracking Sandra’s movements through GPS, and he also portrayed paranoid behavior regarding his belief she was cheating.

The family is continuing their fight to get a more thorough investigation.

The Murders of Mark Reynoso and Maria Desantiago

On January 31, 2017, in Mammoth, AZ, gunshots were heard to ring out across the sleepy town. When the police responded, they struggled to work out where the shots had originated from, but they eventually found Mark Reynoso, 34, and Maria De Santiago, 28, lying dead just a few feet outside of their apartment.

Investigators have been struck by a total lack of evidence at the crime scene, and have been left baffled as to who would want to kill this young and likable couple. The police have ruled out robbery as a possible motive.

Detective Joe Bonucci has said: “It’s my gut feeling that its somebody known to the family.”

The family has offered a reward of $5,000 for any information that leads to a conviction. Anyone who has info should contact Pinal County Sheriff’s Office on 520-866-5105.

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Still A Mystery airs at 10/9c on Investigation Discovery.

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