Unsolved murder of Reet Jurvetson featured on People Magazine Investigates

Reet Jurvetson photo
Reet Jurvetson was known as Jane Doe 59 for 46 years after she was found murdered. Pic Credit: Family Photo

People Magazine Investigates on Investigation Discovery takes a closer look at the unsolved murder case of Reet Jurvetson.

Jurvetson, of Montreal, Canadian, was known as Jane Doe 59 for 46 years as police were unable to identify her body.

In the fall of 1969, the 19-year-old flew to Los Angeles, California, to meet with a man she met at a coffee shop in Canada.

Things were going seemingly well for Jurvetson. In a postcard sent to her parents on October 31, 1969, she stated that she was surrounded by kind people and had found an apartment.

However, that was the last time her parents would ever hear from her.

Just sixteen days after sending the postcard, her body was found in a bush on Mulholland Drive.

She was stabbed 150 times in the neck in what officials called a rage killing.

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Jurvetson did not have any identification on her; therefore, she remained nameless until 2015 when DNA on her bra matched her sister.

The Los Angeles Police Department has been trying to catch Jurvetson’s killer, but there has been no breakthrough in the case.

One witness stated that while Jurvetson was in Los Angeles, she often hung around a man named Jean, whom he believes lived with her.

Los Angeles police said Jean may have been the last person to see her alive.

Many speculated that Jurvetson’s death may have been connected to the Charles Manson murders, but authorities said there is no evidence supporting that claim.

Investigators said their best lead in the case is Jean, but they have yet located him.

Anyone with information regarding Jurvetson’s unsolved murder is asked to contact the Los Angeles Police Department’s cold case unit at 213-486-6810

People Magazine Investigates — Who Killed Jane Doe 59?, airs at 10:00 p.m. on Investigation Discovery.

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