Unsolved murder of Dorian Bluford investigated on Still A Mystery

Dorian Bluford poses for camera
Dorian Bluford’s brutal murder remains a mystery. Pic credit: Knoxville City Govt.

Still A Mystery is investigating the disturbing murder of Dorian Bluford, who was stabbed multiple times just six hours after he had arrived in Knoxville, Tennessee, intent on starting a new life in the city.

Bluford told his family and friends that he was leaving Houston, Texas, to begin afresh in Knoxville. He told them he had a job lined up in the new city and that he would be hanging out with a man he described as his “best friend” and had promised him a new car.

This mysterious “best friend,” who was completely unknown to Bluford’s family, had even provided him with the plane ticket from Texas.

Bluford’s cousin, Kimberly Gardener, hadn’t wanted him to go to Knoxville; she later explained how she dreaded him going. And rather disturbingly, she even had a premonition of what might happen to him. She says she awoke one night screaming after dreaming that he was calling out for help.

Dorian Bluford was stabbed 37 times

On May 30, 2017, Bluford excitedly left to embark on his new life; but tragically, within six hours of landing in Knoxville, he had been stabbed to death. He was stabbed a shocking 37 times in an area of parkland known as the First Creek Greenway.

An autopsy documented a particularly ferocious attack in which he had been repeatedly stabbed in his back, in his neck, in both sides of his chest, in his arms. It was just one day before his 33rd birthday.

A nearby homeowner, who had dialed 911, told the police that they had heard someone yelling, “he’s stabbing me, he’s stabbing me.” Bluford was already dead by the time the cops had arrived.

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Unfortunately, Bluford’s murder is still a mystery. The police suspect that the “best friend” was somehow involved or knows something about it. But sadly, there is no evidence to hold the man, and he’s refused to talk about the crime.

The investigators suspect it was another individual who did the actual stabbing, but they don’t know who it could have been. However, the cops are still working on the case, and they remain hopeful that somebody will come forward with information that will lead to an arrest.

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Still A Mystery airs at 9/8c on Investigation Discovery.

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