Unsolved killing of Deborah Farlins investigated on Cold Justice

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Cold Justice with Kelly Siegler is investigating the tragic murder of Deborah A. Farlins and her unborn child, who were killed in Kankakee County, Illinois, by an unknown murderer.

The remains of Deborah were discovered by a set of railroad tracks by some hunters in November 1987. The crime scene was located to the south of Manteno, about 15 miles north of her home in Kankakee.

She was initially classed as a Jane Doe until the Kankakee County coroner, James Orrison, was able to identify her using dental records.

Deborah was a resident of Kankakee town but was originally from Lowndes County, Mississippi. She was born in the town of Crawford in January 1966 and was only 21 years old when she died.

After nearly 40 years, the police have not been able to solve the case. The cops believe she was murdered at a nearby motel and was then transported by car less than a mile, where she was unceremoniously dumped.

Deborah was spotted by witnesses at the motel, but it’s thought she and her killer were only there for about two hours. Nobody saw her or the murderer leave the motel.

The killer did not attempt to hide the remains after killing Deborah Farlins

The body was left between the side of the road and a set of railroad tracks. The killer would have dragged the body about 20 yards from the road through quite dense scrub to dump the body by the tracks.

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The murderer made no effort to bury or even conceal the body. The police reckon they then quickly fled the scene.

The investigators believe the murder was completely unplanned and was probably a crime of passion.

More murders profiled by Cold Justice

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A couple of weeks ago, Kelly examined the vicious murders of Susanna Flores Brown and her 8-year-old daughter Franchesca Antionette Martinez, who were strangled in their home in Abilene, Texas.

The case has remained unsolved for 40 years, but just recently, Susanna’s common-law husband, Billye Brown, was arrested and charged after DNA evidence was collected from him. He has not been convicted and is currently being processed by the justice system.

In another case from Lake Station, Indiana, the Cold Justice team investigated the murder of 89-year-old war veteran Frank Halcarz Snr. He was bashed on the head with a sledgehammer as he took groceries into his home.

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