Lucious Boyd raped and murdered Dawnia Dacosta after she sought help at a gas station: Man With A Van investigates

Mugshot of Lucious Boyd
Lucious Boyd is currently awaiting execution for murdering Dawnia Dacosta. Pic credit: Florida Dept. of Corrections

On December 5, 1998, Dawnia Dacosta was driving home from a midnight prayer service when her car ran out of gas. She walked to a nearby gas station where she met Lucious Boyd, who offered her help; however, instead of assisting the 21-year-old, he raped and murdered her.

Boyd was driving a church van when he offered to give Dacosta a ride back to her car near Boca Raton, Florida. Unfortunately, she never made it back to her car. She was raped and stabbed 36 times with a screwdriver, with her body later being found in an alley behind a warehouse.

The body was wrapped in a shower curtain liner, various bedsheets and a couple of large black trash bags covered Dacosta’s head. Forensic evidence showed she had suffered numerous injuries, including puncture wounds from a screwdriver and blunt force trauma inflicted with the faceplate from a reciprocating saw.

The evidence stacked up against Lucious Boyd

Witnesses had seen Dacosta chatting with Boyd at the gas station and saw her get into his van. The van belonged to the Hope Outreach Ministry Church. Boyd did maintenance work for the Church and was known to be driving the van that week.

The van contained tools, including a screwdriver and a reciprocating saw, and police also discovered its tire tracks on one of the sheets covering Dacosta’s body.

There was mounting evidence against Boyd, his DNA was found under Dacosta’s fingernails, and his semen was discovered on her body. Bitemark’s on Dacosta’s arm also matched Boyd’s teeth. He was arrested 3-months after the murder.

Boyd was sentenced to death in June 2002 after a jury voted 12-0 to put him to death.

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In 2005 his appeal was rejected and the Supreme Court of Florida affirmed the original judgment and sentence.

He is currently incarcerated, awaiting his execution.

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3 years ago

Re: Lucious (aka- “Ludicrous/Lucifer”) Boyd,
This genetically challenged MISFIT OF MODERN science has been on death row since what??? 1999? And He’s still awaiting execution? C’mon Florida! You like the death penalty. This DUDE IS WAY BEYOND help. Why don’t you just save the taxpayers of Florida some hard earned money and just get it over with? 22 years is more than long enough! Did any of this sociopathic MISFIT of scIence’s victims get any time to contemplate their lives before he tortured then stow it from them? No further questions.


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