Tracey Bagwell was stabbed over 30 times to cover embezzlement

This week Grave Secrets examines the brutal stabbing to death of caseworker Tracey Bagwell, who was killed in her own car.

June 2001, in Florida and 36-year-old Tracey Bagwell had just returned from a vacation and was catching up with friends and family. A few days later her body was found inside her car in a church parking area, she’d been stabbed over 30 times.

Bagwell worked as a case worker in foster care and was passionate about her job and this might have even have aided her murderer. The investigation turned up a co-worker who had been embezzling funds amounting to over $100,000 from the very children that that Bagwell was so caring about.

Her killer was 50-year-old Candice Flore and she paged Bagwell at 10 P.M. at night, knowing she’d probably show up if it was about one of her cases. When Bagwell arrived at the parking lot Flore attacked her whilst she was still belted into her car, stabbing her over 30 times.

The detectives traced Bagwell’s pager call back to Flore’s home and they also found she had a bad cut on her hand and blood on her shoes, though she died having anything to do with her colleagues death.

However, before police even had much of a chance to act on their suspicions Flore was found dead at her mother’s home. She’d fallen from a second floor balcony and police ruled it was suicide and the case was closed.

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