‘Tourniquet Killer’ Anthony Allen Shore subject of Evil Lives Here

This week Evil Lives Here examines the case of serial killer and rapist Anthony Allen Shore

Shore was married to Gina Lynn Worley in 1983 and the couple had two daughters, Tiffany and Amber. His marriage to Worley broke down and the pair divorced, with Shore being given custody of the two girls. In 1997 married Amy Lynch, but the pair also divorced following accusations of abuse.

Soon after that charges of child molestation were brought against Shore in respect of his own daughters and it was these charges that unlocked the true horror of his crimes.

The subsequent investigation led to his conviction and as part of it he had to give a DNA sample. In 2000 the cold case murder of Maria del Carmen Estrada was reexamined by detectives, who submitted material from under her nails for DNA testing in the hope of finding a match.

However, there was a problem at the lab and it would be another three years until Shore was matched with the DNA under Estrada’s nails. He was soon arrested and after hours of questioning he admitted murdering Estrada, as well as 14-year-old Laurie Tremblay, Diana Rebollar and Dana Sanchez.

He also confessed to a rape and the press gave him the nickname of the ‘Tourniquet Killer’ due to his preference for using a ligature and a stick to choke his victims.

Shore was only charged with Estrada’s murder as this was the one with the most evidence and in October 2004 he was found guilty of capital murder. The serial killer was given the death sentence and on January 18, 2018, shore was executed aged 55.

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In a final horrific twist, just before he was executed Anthony Shore admitted to another 60 rapes.

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