Tim Boczkowki murdered two wives and tried to blame deaths on accidental drowning: My Murder Story investigates

Mugshot of Tim Boczkowski
Tim Boczkowski was found guilty of murdering his two wives Elaine and Maryann. Pic credit: North Carolina Dept. of Public Safety

My Murder Story examines the chilling case of Tim Boczkowski, who murdered two of his wives to collect insurance money.

In November 1990, police in North Carolina found Mary Elaine Boczkowski dead in a bathtub in her home. When paramedics arrived, they found Boczkowski attempting CPR on his wife. He claimed she had drowned accidentally after consuming too much alcohol at a church party.

An autopsy recorded Elaine’s death as inconclusive. The couple had three children together.

Tim Boczkowski murders his second wife

Fast forward to four years later and Boczkowski is now living in Pennsylvania and is married to Maryann Fullerton-Boczkowski, she too is found dead, this time in a hot tub. Again Boczkowski claims his wife has drowned accidentally. And for a second time, he lays the blame on an alcohol problem.

The police examined the 50 plus bruises on Maryann’s neck and chest, and they decided he was lying. He was subsequently arrested for murder.

When the similarities were noted between Maryann and Elaine’s death, the police in North Carolina began to look more closely at Boczkowski’s first wife’s death. The children gave evidence against their father, one child who was only 5-years-old at the time of his mother’s death said he saw Boczkowski holding down Elaine in the bathtub.

Boczkowski was given a life sentence for murdering Elaine but was granted parole in 2018. However, he then began serving another life sentence in Pennslyvania for murdering Maryann.

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He was sentenced to death in the Pennslyvania case. Still, the State’s Supreme Court overturned the ruling because prosecutors had violated a judge order in allowing him to be extradited to North Carolina.

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