Feud between Jeffrey Weigle and Dean Keller turned into a gunfight: Fear Thy Neighbor investigates

Mugshot of Jeffrey Weigle
Jeffrey Weigle was charged with criminal recklessness in his feud with Dean Keller. Pic credit: Johnson County Sheriff’s Office

Fear Thy Neighbor is investigating a nearly decade-long feud between Greenwood, Indiana, neighbors Jeffrey Weigle and Dean Keller that culminated in a 2017 shootout.

The feud seems to have begun in 2009 when the neighbors became embroiled in an argument over loose dogs. Weigle claimed Keller’s dogs had bitten him.

The arguments over dogs continued, but further complaints developed over fence and boundary issues, and there were also late-night noise complaints.

Over time, Weigle and Keller’s confrontations became increasingly threatening and violent. They moved from insults to brandishing weapons, from knives to baseball bats to broom handles. In one instance, Weigle began throwing firecrackers at Keller’s wife, Lisa Keller.

In 2011, both men were arrested on battery charges after they got into a violent scuffle.

In total, officers from Johnson County Sheriff’s Office were called out to the two properties on 15 separate occasions between 2009 and the 2017 gunfight.

Weigle and Keller feud turned into a gunfight

This longstanding feud was becoming increasingly serious, and on June 27, 2017, it finally descended into a gunfight between the pair. Luckily for law enforcement, the whole incident was caught on camera by Keller’s home surveillance system.

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The footage first showed Weigle and Keller insulting each other from either side of the fence. Weigle then jumped on his lawnmower and pulled out a handgun. He can be seen brandishing it in the air as he rides the mower.

Keller then unholstered his handgun and the two proceeded to exchange fire. Weigle was hit four times in the chest, but Keller was unharmed.

After studying the footage, the police ruled that as Weigle had been first to draw his weapon, Keller acted in self-defense. Once Weigle had sufficiently recovered from his injuries, he was charged and placed in custody.

In early 2018, Weigle pleaded guilty to a felony charge of criminal recklessness and was ordered to serve a year in prison. However, he was given six months credit for time already served and was promptly released on good behavior.

Unfortunately, that was not the end of the Weigle/Keller feud, as in August 2018, the police were, once again, called to attend the properties after Weigle called the cops and an exchange of gunfire was reported. Both parties denied firing shots on this occasion.

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