The strange disappearance of schoolgirl Ali Lowitzer is investigated on Disappeared

photos of the missing Ali Lowitzer
Ali Lowitzer, at 16 years, is pictured on the left and the right photo is age-progressed to how she would look at 26. Pic credit: National Center For Missing and Exploited Children

Disappeared on ID is looking into the mysterious case of schoolgirl Alexandria “Ali” Lowitzer from Spring, Texas, who vanished without a trace in 2010.

On April 26, 2010, the recently turned 16-years-old Ali said goodbye to her school friends and boarded the school bus. She got off at her usual stop near her home, but instead of going into the house, she phoned her mom to say she would pick up her wages from the fast-food restaurant where she worked.

The restaurant was just a few blocks away, about a quarter of a mile, but she never appeared there, and she hasn’t been seen since. This was the last place her cell phone could be traced to was that bus stop corner where she alighted.

The police initially decided that Ali must have run away, a theory that was bolstered by discovering a journal, which showed she’d thought about running away. However, there was no way to tell how old the entries were, and most worryingly, Ali had left all her belongings behind.

Several weeks after Ali disappeared, homicide detectives were finally assigned to the case, but they have since struggled to come up with viable leads.

Private investigator believes Ali Lowitzer was trafficked

Ali’s family hired a private investigator who believes that the teenager may have been abducted, hidden and trafficked.

When Ali disappeared, she had dark red dyed hair, ear and nose piercings, and braces on her teeth. Her natural hair color is brown, and her eyes are blue. She was 5 foot 2 and weighed approximately145lbs.

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She was wearing white t-shirt or spaghetti-strap top, a gray hooded zip-up sweatshirt, black and white checkered skinny jeans and black sneakers

Anyone who might have any information regarding Ali’s whereabouts is asked to contact the Harris County Sheriff’s Office at 1-713-221-6000 or the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children at 1-800-843-5678.

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Disappeared airs at 9/8c on Investigation Discovery.

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