The Perfect Murder spotlights vampire-inspired killing of Robert Schwartz with sword

The Perfect Murder examines the brutal and bizarre killing of scientist Robert Schwartz, who was murdered in his own home.

Loudoun County on Dec. 8, 2001, and Robert M. Schwartz was sitting down to dinner when he was stabbed to death with a sword.

The well known scientist working in DNA sequencing was slashed and stabbed over 30 times with a X carved into his neck, leading to believe the murder might have some ritualistic angle. Indeed the person who plotted his death and his killer were obsessed with vampires, the occult and witchcraft but they were very close to home.

It turned out the instigator of his death was actually one of his daughters, Clara Schwartz. In her late teens at the time of the murder, she had been complaining that her father disliked her friends and the way she dressed. At some point this resentment went form simmering to boiling anger and she persuaded a friend to murder her father.

Kyle Hulbert, who had a history of mental illness, agreed to do the deed and brutally killed him that December night.

Clara Schwartz claimed in court that she never meant to have her father killed and that Hulbert got the wrong end of the stick.

However, a previous boyfriend testified she’d already acted out having her father killed during a roleplaying game session.

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The jury found her guilty and she was sentenced to 48 years in prison, with her siblings telling the court that no sentence would be long enough to bring their father back.

The Perfect Murder airs Wednesdays at 9:00 PM on Investigation Discovery.

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