The mysterious deaths of siblings J.J. Vallow and Tylee Ryan investigated on ID

Mugshots of Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell
Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell remain under investigation over the deaths of J.J. Vallow and Tylee Ryan. Pic credit: Fremont County Sheriff’s Office

Investigation Discovery is looking at the strange disappearance and murder of two siblings, brother and sister J.J. Vallow and Tylee Ryan, from Rexburg, Idaho, in September 2019.

In June 2020, the pair’s remains were found on the property of Chad Daybell, who had only married the children’s mother Lori Vallow the month after they were last seen alive.

The murders of J.J. and Tylee have uncovered a web of mysterious deaths and shootings across multiple states that have affected numerous people around Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell. The case is still unresolved, and many of the strange circumstances have not been fully explained.

What is known is that 16-year-old Tylee Ryan was last seen alive on September 8, 2019, when she was at Yellowstone National Park with her mom and brother, and uncle, Alex Cox.

Whereas, J.J. was last seen on September 23, 2019, at elementary school. On Sept. 24, Lori informed the school that J.J. would no longer be attending as she would be home-schooling him.

In November, the children were reported missing after J.J.’s grandparents and Tylee’s older brother became concerned that they hadn’t heard anything from them in a while.

When the police questioned Lori, they found her uncooperative; she tried to tell them that J.J. was staying with a friend in Arizona, which they later learned was a lie. She then fled the state with her new husband, Chad Daybell.

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A few weeks previously, Lori and Chad Daybell had married in Hawaii, just two weeks after the death of Chad’s first wife, Tammy Daybell. The police also learned that at her wedding, Lori had told some of the guests that Tylee had died years earlier.

In December, the police decided to investigate the death of Tammy Daybell and exhumed her body for an autopsy. The investigation into her death is ongoing.

In the meantime, it emerged that Lori’s brother, Alex Cox, had shot dead Charles Vallow, Lori’s former husband, and J.J.’s dad, in Arizona in July. At the time, the Arizonan police accepted Cox’s explanation that it was self-defense. In December, Cox himself died of a blood clot and high blood pressure.

Lori Vallow evaded questions about her children’s welfare

The authorities finally located Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell in Hawaii in January 2020. The police demanded that Lori reveal her children’s whereabouts, and when she failed to do so, she was arrested on a charge of deserting them.

In March 2020, court documents emerged suggesting that Lori had said that Tylee was possessed by an evil spirit. She reportedly told a family friend that her daughter had been a “zombie” for a couple of years.

Lori and Daybell were heavily involved in religious beliefs that involved the end times, the second coming of Christ, and the apocalypse.

In June, the police attained a warrant to search Daybell’s rural property in Idaho, where they found the remains of Tylee Ryan and J.J. Vallow. It hasn’t yet been revealed how they died. Daybell was arrested and charged with obstruction or concealment of evidence, and Lori has been charged with the same.

The investigation into the deaths of J.J. Vallow and Tylee Ryan, Tammy Daybell, and Charles Vallow is continuing. We can expect to see Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell in court next year.

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