The Mind of a Murderer: Rod Ferrell the vampire obsessed teen death row’s youngest

The Mind of a Murderer looks at the double murder committed by vampire obsessed teenager Rod Ferrell.

Back the winter of 1996 the bodies of Naomi Ruth Queen and Richard Wendorf were found by their daughter, the middle aged couple had been beaten to death.

Rod Ferrell, 16 at the time, was a member of a gang called the Vampire Clan in the small town of Murray, Kentucky. He had become obssessed with the role playing game Vampire: The Masquerade and told friends he was actually a 500-year-old vampire.

On November 25th Ferrell and his friend Howard Scott Anderson broke into the couple’s house and beat a sleeping Richard Wendorf to death with a crowbar. His partner Ruth was having a shower and when she discovered the scene she was beaten to death as well.

The couple’s other daughter Heather was a friend of Ferrell’s and he was helping her run away from the family home. Ferrell, Anderson and several other teens went on the run but were caught after one of the girls called her mother for cash.

Ferrell was initially given the death penalty for the two murders and Anderson was sentenced to life as an accessory.Two of the teenage girls who also went on the run were given nearly 30 years between them for third degree murder and robbery with a gun.

Ferrell’s sentence was later reduced to life imprisonment and he is interviewed in this episode of The Mind of a Murderer.

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