‘The Blue River Murder’ of Stephanie Roller featured on Married with Secrets

This week Married with Secrets looks at the missing person case of Stephanie Roller Bruner, which turned out to be a complex love triangle and a murder.

Dale Bruner reported his wife missing during a blizzard in November 2010 just before Thanksgiving and three days later her body was found in the nearby Blue River. Stephanie had been strangled, beaten and then dumped in the river alive, where she died from a combination of the beating, drowning and hypothermia.

The murder of the mother of three shocked the community and Bruner’s story that she went for a walk in the storm seemed a little off to some. The police investigation revealed the pair were anything but happily married and that Roller was on the point of divorcing her husband.

It turned out that she was having an affair with a married local man and police drew up a list of three suspects in the shape of her husband, the man she was having an affair with and his wife.

50-year-old Bruner was charged the next summer and was convicted of second-degree murder and several assault charges, resulting in a combined sentence of 112 years.

Married with Secrets airs at 9:00 PM on Investigation Discovery.

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