Teresa Bradish was sexually assaulted and murdered by her own father for $10,000

Teresa Bradish was found strangled to death by the side of the road just hours after leaving the group home where she was living, Evil Talks: Chilling Confessions examines the case and how it took over 20 years to bring her killer to justice.

September, 1985, Fremont County, Wyoming, and 13-year-old Teresa Bradish left the group home where she was staying and told other residents she’d had a call from her dad. The teen was later found sexually assaulted and strangled by the side of the road and when they spoke to her father, Jerry Joe Bradish, he denied having spoken to her that evening.

The case soon went cold and at the time forensics could only be used to test for trace evidence and determine blood type, but some sperm samples were taken from the girl’s body.

However, in 2007 Detective Sergeant William Braddock from the local Sheriff’s department had the samples retested and the result that came back were quite a shock, indicating the victim and the attacker had a parent-child relationship.

Braddock took a trip to Texas where Bradish was now living and managed to get hold of a pair of work gloves from the garbage can outside his home. The DNA from the gloves was a match for that of the sperm from the teenagers body and Bradish was arrested.

In January 2008 60-year-old Bradish was charged with murder, sexual assault and incest. At his trial in March he pleaded guilty to having sex with his daughter and then strangling her to get the $10,000 life insurance.

He was sentenced to life in prison plus 18 to 20 years.

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