Teenager arrested in Fresno County on suspicion of killing four in Reedley murder investigation

Mugshots of Rafael Gonzalez and Brynn Curtis
Rafael Gonzalez and Brynn Curtis are facing charges of helping a 17-year-old get away with killing four people. Pic credit: Fresno County Sheriff’s Office

The cops in Fresno County, California, have arrested a teenager on suspicion of killing four people on a quiet street in the town of Reedley. Two adults have also been detained, accused of accessory after the fact.

The news follows the discovery yesterday morning of a fourth murder victim in a house next door to the one where three bodies were found over the weekend.

The cops responded on Saturday morning to reports of a burglary at a home on Reedley’s South Church Avenue. At the property, they found the remains of residents 81-year-old Billy Bonds and 44-year-old Guadalupe Bonds, as well as a third unidentified victim.

Chillingly, the cops also found a shallow grave freshly dug in the backyard with a tarp lying close by. It’s presumed the grave was meant for the victims.

On Tuesday morning, the police searched a neighboring house, where they found a fourth victim. These remains have not yet been identified but were described as a white male in their 40s.

Since Saturday, the authorities have been searching for Guadalupe’s husband, 43-year-old Matthew Bonds. He is considered to be at risk due to recent health issues. The police have not said if they suspect he is the fourth victim.

SWAT Teams arrested three people in connection with four Reedley homicides

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, SWAT teams from the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office and the Clovis Police Department served search warrants on three properties: one in Reedley and two in the neighboring towns of Selma and Parlier.

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The police arrested three individuals from the house in Reedley: a female adult, a male adult, and a male juvenile.

The cops later announced that a 17-year-old male juvenile is facing charges on four counts of homicide. His name and image are likely being withheld for the time being due to his young age.

The authorities also confirmed that two adults are facing charges of accessory after the fact and identified them as 34-year-old Brynn Curtis and 21-year-old Rafael Gonzalez.

Matthew Bonds family speak of their devastation at Reedley murders

Meanwhile, the families of the victims is still trying to process this horrific tragedy. Billy Bonds’s niece, Cheryl Moseley, told ABC 30, “I just miss them all so much. This is devastating.”

The distraught niece added, “I just wish I had my family back. I miss them so much. They were great people, and they’re totally gonna be missed very, very much. It’s just awful that they go like this. It’s not fair.”

The Reedley PD said this is still an active investigation, and they have asked anyone with any information to contact the Department at (559) 637-4250.

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