Teen Lisa Monzo’s murder and links to unsolved killings on Motives & Murders: Cracking the Case

Tonight, Investigation Discovery launches the fifth season of Motives & Murders: Cracking the Case, casting a light on the murder of 18-year-old Lisa Monzo whose death detectives thought could be linked to other killings.

The episode, titled More Than a Sister, tracks police as they looked for a connection between a string of murders in San Lorenzo, California.

Lisa was murdered in November 1984 before the opening night of a play she was in as part of San Lorenzo High School’s drama club.

The Motives & Murders episode recreates the lead-up to and aftermath of her death, and includes an interview with her friend Brian Larson, who was also in the play.

It took detectives many years and help from an unexpected source — a tip-off from a prison inmate in 1992 — to trace her killer, Michael Ihde.

He was charged with her murder in 1994 and convicted and sentenced to death in 1997.

ID’s dramatic series Motives & Murders: Cracking the Case follows police officers, the families of victims and others trying to find closure in homicide investigations.

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In particular, the series draws upon surprise clues that helped the individuals in their pursuits.

The new season of Motives & Murders: Cracking the Case comes the same night as ID debuts a new show, called Love Kills, which revolves around love-struck criminals who became entangled in murder schemes.

Motives & Murders airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on Investigation Discovery.

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