Tara Ord was murdered by two repairmen who came to fix her septic tank: Alone at Home investigates on ID

Tara Ord posing for family photo

    Tara Ord was just 19-years-old when she was murdered by two men who had come to repair the septic tank. Pic credit: Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office

Tara Ord was just 19-years-old in October 2001 when she disappeared from her Florida home. Tara and her mother were originally from West Scranton, PA., but had moved to Florida within 14-months of her disappearance; they had been hoping for a fresh start.

She had been waiting home alone for two repairmen to arrive to fix a septic tank when she vanished. Her skeletonized remains were found ten months later in a wooded area of Charlotte County.

At the time, Phillip Barr owned a septic service business, and David McMannis was his employee. On the day she disappeared, they had been called to the Ord home in Punta Gorda for a repair.

On her disappearance, police were automatically suspicious of Barr and McMannis, who were the last to see her alive. Before her remains were found, a massive search had ensued, which even involved searching septic tanks in the area.

The former West Scranton High School basketball cheerleader had decided to pursue a degree at Edison College in Fort Myers and then hoped to embark on a career in crime scene investigation; however, her dreams were cut short by two sadistic killers.

A cold case squad closed in on Barr and McMannis

The killers managed to escape justice for over 10-years, but detectives finally caught up to them. The case lay cold for many years until a Cold Case Squad was established in 2005, and they slowly built-up a case against Barr and McMannis.

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McMannis had moved to Cumberland, Maryland, but was arrested late October 2012 and extradited to Florida.

The pair were tried separately with Barr receiving a conviction and life sentence in 2015. Whereas, McMannis had to wait until 2017 before being found guilty of murder and sentenced to life without the possibility of parole.

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