Swamp Murders spotlights murder of sunbathing teens Megan Carr and Cherish DeSantis on Florida beach

This week Swamp Murders looks at the tragic murder of two 16-year-old girls from Thomasville, shot in the head whilst they were sunbathing on a beach.

March 1992 and 16-year-old girls Megan Carr and Cherish DeSantis went for a drive to a Florida beach to spend the day getting some fresh air and catching some sun. Around 12.30 in the afternoon a local police officer walked down the beach with his family and spotted the girls. On the way back they noticed they had not moved, but did not think anything of it.

A few hours later the girls were found to have been shot in the head and must have already been dead when the officer walked passed.

The crimes shocked the local community and an intensive investigation was launched by police in two jurisdictions.

The case was not solved until janitor Robert Neal Rodriguez sent letters to the victim’s parents and the press to admitting he had killed the girls. Police frantically searched for him but he was found dead in his car, haivng poisoned himself. He left a suicide note admitting the murders and to that of a woman some ten years before. He explained in his note that he had an uncontrollable urge to kill…

Swamp Murders airs on Saturdays at 10:00 PM on Investigation Discovery.

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