Swamp Murders spotlights lakeside shooting of Lloyd Tobin

This week Swamp Murders investigates the shooting of Lloyd Tobin at Lake Worth in 1986, in a case that took over 20 years to solve.

Lake Worth in 1986 and 30-year-old Lloyd Tobin was with his family and friends on the beach when a mystery man walked up and shot him dead.

The case soon goes cold but his family don’t give up and carry out their own investigation to aid the police in solving the murder. Despite their efforts, there is little progress and the identity of Tobin’s killer remains a mystery for over 20 years.

Then in 2011 Billy Wallace, a man serving life for murder and for stabbing the psychiatrist treating him in prison, makes a series of confessions.

Not only did he confess to shooting Tobin, Wallace also confessed to a road rage shooting and other random murders.

Tobin ’s sister, Rachel Juarez, was just 17-year-old when her brother was and shot and although she expressed relief at the confession, she told press it would always leave the question of why…

Swamp Murders airs Saturdays at 10:00 PM on Investigation Discovery.

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