Swamp Murders spotlights brutal stabbing of transgender woman Ce Ce Dove

This week Swamp Murders spotlights the murder of transgender woman Ce Ce Dove, who was found floating in a garden pond.

Cleveland, January 2013 and 20-year-old Cemia “Ce Ce” Dove went out in the morning and was never seen alive again.

The same day two men called on local man Andrew Bridges looking for rent he owed. They noticed there was blood splattered in the house, a bonfire burning in the back yard and his hand was bleeding badly.

However, it was three months before police found Dove’s body in Bridges’s pond. She’d been stabbed 40 times and her body weighted with a lump of concrete.

Cemia Dove photo
Dove was born a man but identified as a woman

36-year-old Bridges had called Dove in the morning of the murder and paid $100 for a cab to bring her up to his house.

Exactly what happened is unknown but detectives think that when Bridges found out that Dove was still biologically a man, he became very angry and killed her.

Bridges was found guilty in November of the same year and sentenced to life in prison.

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Swamp Murders airs on Saturdays at 10:00 PM on Investigation Discovery. 

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