Summer Inman was murdered by her husband with help of in-laws then dumped in septic tank

This week on Blood Relatives, the disturbing murder of Summer Inman who was killed by her husband with the help of his father and mother.

Logan Ohio, and 25-year-old Summer Inman was in the middle of a bitter break up with her husband William Jr. Inman. The pair had three children together but their relationship had broken down and Summer had met someone new. She’d also filed for divorce and was hopeful of gaining custody of the three kids.

William Jr. had threatened to kill her if she ever left him and prior to the split had even tried to keep her a virtual prisoner in their home. His father, William Sr., had also acted aggressively, threatening to kill her new boyfriend at one point.

On March 22 witnesses spotted the bank worker being abducted by two men and this prompted a huge search for the petite blonde. A week later on March 29 her body was found in the septic tank of the local Faith Tabernacle Church. She’d been strangled to death with a plastic zip tie and then dumped in the pit.

Due to the history of abuse and threatening behaviour the police did not have too far to look when hunting for suspects and arrests were soon made.

Summer’s husband William Inman Jr was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole, as was his father William Inman Sr. Her mother-in-law, Sandra Inman, was given 15 year to life after also pleading guilty to murder.

Blood Relatives airs on Thursdays at 9:00 PM on Investigation Discovery. 

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2 years ago

I guess the rotten apple does not fall far from the rotten tree. What a total POS. When will these idiotic people ever learn that it is damn near impossible to get away with a homicide nowadays?

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