Story of Tent Girl Barbara ‘Bobbie’ Ann Taylor spotlighted on ID

This week Who Killed Jane Doe? examines the case of ‘Tent Girl’ who remained unidentified for decades.

On May 18, 1968, the body of a young woman was found by a man walking in the woods near Georgetown, Kentucky. She was nude and her body had been wrapped in a tent canvas, the woman had been killed by blunt force trauma to the head.

The local police investigated the murder but the case soon went cold and the woman was buried unidentified, with her headstone simple reading ‘Tent Girl.’

Decades later Todd Matthews began investigation the case and his search led him to Rosemary Westbrook from Arkansas. She had posted details online of her sister Barbara “Bobbie” Ann Taylor, who went missing back in 1967.

When they discussed the Jane Doe and Bobbie they realised how closely they matched physically and a DNA test revealed ‘Tent Girl’ was indeed Westbrook’s missing sister. This allowed relatives to rebury Bobbie in a properly marked grave and gave them some closure.

Nobody has ever been charged with the murder but the prime suspect for many was her husband Earl Taylor. He was a carnival worker and claimed that Bobbie had simply ran off and left him, but her relatives remember him as quite violent and impulsive. He died before the body was identified so police did not investigate the matter further.

Who Killed Jane Doe? airs on Tuesdays at 9:00 PM on Investigation Discovery. 

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