Stolen fracking profits and murder in North Dakota on Pandora’s Box: Unleashing Evil

This episode of Pandora’s Box: Unleashing Evil examines the murder for hire of Doug Carlile and KC Clarke, paid for by James Henrikson.

Doug Carlile was a Spokane businessman who knew his life could be in danger, warning his son just days before he was killed that if he was ever murdered to let everyone know James Henrikson did it. He owned an oil trucking company and his dealings with Henrikson related to shares in an oil field that they both planned to develop.

Soon after the warning Carlile was attacked by a gunman in his home. His wife managed to hide upstairs but Carlile was shot dead at point blank range.

The investigation turned up DNA from convicted burglar Timothy Suckow and he was charged with the murder, but the detectives were not happy that this was the end of the story. Further work showed up Henrikson’s link to Suckow and to another murder case in the shape of KC Clarke, a man Henrikson owed over half a million dollars to.

In May 2016 Henrikson was found guilty of hiring Timothy Suckow to murder Doug Carlile and hiring Robert Delao to kill Clarke. He was also found guilty of numerous other charges of solicitating to commit murder for hire.

He was sentenced to life in prison and another 30 years on top for related crimes.

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