Still A Mystery looks at the strange murders of Jason Ellis and Jonathan Crews

Jason Ellis and Jonathan Crews
The murders of Jason Ellis and Jonathan Crews remain unsolved. Pic credits: FBI and Crews family photo

Still A Mystery has two new unsolved murders this week as they look into the cases of Jason Ellis and Jonathan Crews.

Jason Ellis was a 33-year-old police officer from Bardstown, Kentucky, when he was gunned down on his way home after working a late shift on May 25, 2013. No arrests have been made in the case, and the police have no suspects.

Jonathan Crews was a 27-year-old Texan, who died from a bullet to the heart while he lay in bed in his home in a quiet Dallas suburb. But was it suicide or murder?

The murder of Officer Jason Ellis

Officer Ellis had finished his shift for the evening and was driving home at approximately 2:30 AM when he encountered some tree debris on a highway exit ramp. He switched on his overhead lamps and blocked the exit ramp with his patrol car, and then began clearing the tree branches.

Ellis was holding several branches when he was hit by multiple blasts from a 12-gauge shotgun, which appear to have come from a nearby embankment. He died at the scene with his service weapon was still in his holster.

Ellis was survived by his wife and two young children. The FBI has offered a reward of $50,000 for any information to an arrest in the case.

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The mysterious death of Jonathan Crews

Jonathan Crews was killed by a bullet from his own SIG Sauer 9mm on Super Bowl Sunday, February 2, 2014. His 26-year-old girlfriend, Brenda Lazaro, was at the scene and claimed he shot himself.

Lazaro had been Jonathan’s girlfriend for three months and stated that he shot himself in an attempt to prove his love for her.

“We were just having a discussion, and we were just talking,” she explained to the 911 operator. “He just said that he loved me, and I didn’t need to leave him, and … he said that he was going to prove that he loved me.” Then he allegedly shot himself.

The case has remained unresolved, and Jonathan’s family argues that Lazaro shot Jonathan while in a jealous rage. They question why Lazaro waited a full 30 minutes after he was shot to dial 911.

Family and friends of Jonathan speak of a young man who was full of life and had no reason to kill himself. A friend also alleges that Jonathan was concerned that his new girlfriend was a bit “crazy.”

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Still A Mystery airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Investigation Discovery.

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