Steven Sealy’s nightclub murder: The shooting that nearly took life of Bobby Brown

Bobby Brown has achieved quite a bit in his life, including a career in music, a marriage to Whitney Houston, and even performing at the White House. But a shooting in 1995 almost took his life.

The incident – which features on BET series The Bobby Brown story — took place outside of a bar where his cream-colored Bentley was parked.

Bobby was leaving the Biarritz Lounge in Roxbury, Boston, shortly before 1am when shots were fired.

The gunfire came from close range but didn’t hit Brown, instead claiming the life of his friend, Steven Sealy, who was shot in the face and died at the scene.

After hitting Sealy, who was engaged to one of Bobby’s sisters, the shooter continued to fire shots and witnesses claimed it turned into a gun battle with bullets flying from both sides.

Whitney Houston was not with Bobby Brown and Sealy at the time, but Sealy had a close connection to the family. Not only was he a long-time friend, but he was engaged to one of Brown’s sisters.

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Police later revealed that they believed robbery to be the motive, as a gold medallion ended up missing from Sealy’s neck.

The club was located near Bobby’s childhood home, and he was back in town to sign autographs when he decided to enjoy a night out.

The shooter, John Tibbs, was later sentenced to 27 years in federal prison. He had also killed another man, 17-year-old Tennyson Drakes, a month earlier.

Another man was wrongly convicted for that crime, and spent four years behind bars before his conviction was overturned and Tibbs admitted the manslaughter.

Part two of The Bobby Brown Story airs Wednesday, September 5, at 9/8c on BET.

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