Stacey Castor was “the Black widow”: 20/20 On ID Investigates the murder of her 2 husbands

Stacey and David Castor in happier times
Stacey and David Castor were married for just two years before she poisoned him. Pic credit: ABC News / YouTube

Stacey Castor dubbed the Black Widow by the media, tried to play the role of a woman whose life was plagued by tragedy. She wanted people to think her first husband had died of a heart attack, that her second had killed himself by drinking poison, and that her daughter had attempted suicide.

However, it was all lies, Stacey was a cold-blooded killer who appears to have been largely motivated by money.

Stacey’s first husband, Michael Wallace, had been ill for a few months and no one was sure what was wrong with him, he didn’t see a doctor. When he died in 2000, it was assumed the 38-year-old had had a heart attack; his wife, Stacey, refused an autopsy.

In 2005 authorities became suspicious when Stacey’s second husband, David Castor, died from consuming anti-freeze just two years into their marriage. His death was ruled a suicide, but officers continued to investigate. They found a turkey baster and a glass of anti-freeze with Stacey’s fingerprints.

When police went to her home to follow up on the investigation, Stacey seemed surprised and disgruntled. She said to the bemusement of the officers that she thought it was all over and that it was like her husband was “reaching out of the grave” for her. Officers wondered why she would feel a suicide victim was trying to control her from the grave.

In the following interview, when an officer asked Stacey which glass she had poured cranberry juice into for her husband, she responded by saying, “well, I poured the anti-fr” – she stopped midsentence. Officers knew they had her now.

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When Wallace’s body was exhumed, tests revealed that he, too, had been killed with anti-freeze. After a two year investigation, Stacey was arrested in 2007 and charged with the murders of Michael Wallace and David Castor. She was also charged with attempting to murder her daughter and blame her for the killings.

Mugshot of Tracey Castor
Tracey Castor was sentenced to 51 years in prison. Pic credit: Onondaga County Sheriff’s Dept

Stacey Castor was sentenced to 51 years in prison. She died in her cell in 2016.

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