Chris Hansen examines the murder of Sophia Arnold who was strangled and left by the banks of the Mississippi

This week Killer Instinct with Chris Hansen, re-examines the murder of 20-year-old Sophia Arnold.

April 2007 and the body of Southern University co-ed Sophia was found near a levee on the banks of the Mississippi River, she’d been strangled.

Cops had a few leads and they interviewed two men of interest in the case, including one tied to Sophia through DNA evidence. Their stories are a bit off and don’t seem to match up and about two months after Sophia’s murder they arrested 36-year-old Rhine Reynolds.

Reynolds had been arrested a few years before for aggravated rape and was suspected of carrying out a series of sex crimes, though none of them had resulted in murder.

Reynolds was charged with second degree murder and although he initially pleased not guilty in an attempt to get the case quashed, he later changed his plea to guilty.

He admitted to picking up Sophia from the university campus aroudn 10 P.M. on April 10. He then said that he drove her to a nearby house where she danced for a group of men for just under an hour.

Reynolds then drove Sophia to his own house where they had a disagreement over her payment for the dancing. He then says that he grabbed her by the neck and held her tight for five or ten minutes, until her body was limp. He then used a mirror to check if she was still breathing but could see no sign of life.

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Reynolds says he then took her body in the back of his truck to levee where he concealed it as best he could.

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