SNM gang targeted in Behind Bars: Rookie Year

This episode of Behind Bars: Rookie Year sees the administration help take down the Syndicato de Nuevo Mexico gang with one officer getting into some bother.

Earlier this year members of the gang were investigated by the FBI over a plot to kill New Mexico Corrections Secretary Gregg Marcantel and a corrections department intel boss.

Later in the show one of the SNM gang leaders talks to the cameras and gives his side of the story.

However, it is not all gangs and keeping prisoners at bay at Southern. The P.A.W.S. Program gives inmates the opportunity to train a dog for up to 3 months before the animal is either adopted or given a service job.

The program teaches the prisoners patience and gives them some sense of giving something back to the community or having a purpose. This can have a profound affect on their behaviour and attitude, making life easier for everyone concerned.

Catch Behind Bars: Rookie Year  – It’s Personal at  10 PM on A&E.

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