Sixth-grade teacher Lisa Fuillerat and her partner were murdered by Fuillerat’s estranged husband Vincente

Middle school teacher Lisa Fuillerat was murdered along with her partner by her estranged husband Vincente, Forbidden: Dying for Love examines the case.

Florida couple Vincente and Lisa Fuillerat were going through a difficult divorce, with Lisa having moved in with her lover 39-year-old Samara Routenberg. In February 2017, when the pair failed to turn up for a scheduled meeting about their divorce, Lisa’s lawyer called the police and asked them to check her home.

Police found three dead bodies at the scene and soon worked out that 53-year-old Fuillerat had gone to the home his estranged wife, 51-year-old Lisa, shared with Middle School Assistant Principal Samara. Wearing a bulletproof vest and armed, he attacked the couple. They exchanged fire with Fuillerat but he managed to fatally wound both women despite being shot several times himself. He then pinned a note to his body before turning his shotgun on himself.

Detectives believe Fuillerat’s motive was probably jealousy and that he intended to murder both Lisa and Samara. Following a 2015 incident when Fuillerat had beaten Samara with a stick,  the women had taken precautions against Fuillerat by installing CCTV and purchasing a handgun, but it proved insufficient to stop him.

The Fuillerats were survived by their two adult children.

Forbidden: Dying for Love – The Sum of Love airs at 10:00 PM on Investigation Discovery. 

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