Six Degrees of Murder spotlights the case of Larissa Macriello

This week Six Degrees of Murder examines the murder of 44-year-old Larissa Macriello, who had a secret life that was probably a factor in her killing.

It was June 2013 when Macriello disappeared from her North Miami-Dade home andwas never seen again.

Her family became worried fairly quickly as Macriello had travelled all over the world and always stayed in close contact.

Police conducted a complicated investigation of her financial affairs, CCTV and tracked her cell phone calls. They found that she had a bit of a double life and had been working as an erotic massage therapist.

Cops soon tracked her last movements to the house of married man and ex-con John Paul Garcia. It transpired that she’d been having a long-term affair with him.

The investigation showed he used her car soon after her visit and went on to clear out over $40,000 from her banks account. Her phone also pinged right next to her own for several week, showing he must have had it. He also seems to have returned her car to her home later, it had been cleaned but some blood was found inside.

However, no body was ever found and Garcia denied murdering her with his defense team pointing out that as an escort she might have fled town for a multitude of reason.

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Nevertheless, in November 2015 a jury convicted Garcia of second-degree murder and he was given a life sentence, together with another 15 years for grand theft.

Six Degrees of Murder airs on Tuesdays at 9:00 PM on Investigation Discovery.

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