Six Degrees of Murder spotlights execution-style killing of Elizabeth Palmer and Matt Scott for Lexus

This week Six Degrees of Murder examines the case of Elizabeth Palmer and Matt Scott, who were murdered in cold blood for a car.

49-year-old finance manager Elizabeth Palmer and salesman Matthew Scott worked together at Golden Sun Homes, a business owned by Scott’s father.

On the morning of February 2, 2009, owner Donald Scott arrived at the office to find the pair dead behind a desk. They had both been shot in the head whilst kneeling, in an execution-style murder.

Palmer’s Lexus car was missing and police spent months looking for it to try and catch a break on the case. In October 2009 the car was found by an officer in a parking lot in Anaheim.

A few days later Hilbert Pineil Thomas, a Garden Grove man in his late 30s, handed in a gun to police in an unrelated matter. They managed to connect him to the car and he was arrested later in the month.

His fingerprints were found in the car, he was seen by witnesses driving it and his gun matched up with the one used in the killings.

He was also a real estate agent and had hoped to use the car to sell homes and make some cash.

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In 2014 he was found guilty of both murders and sentenced to death.

At the sentencing Donald Scott said about the death penalty:”For what he did, how he did it and why he did it, he deserves nothing less than that.”

Six Degrees of Murder airs at 8:00 PM on Investigation Discovery.

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