Six Degrees of Murder investigates stone cold killing of Richard Mannion Jr.

This week Six Degrees of Murder spotlights the murder of 43-year-old Gulf War veteran Richard Mannion Jr.

January 2012 in Brentwood,CA., and father of four Mannion was found dead in home by his girlfriend, he’d been shot in the head.

The police investigation eventually led to his ex-girlfriend Nicole LeBlanc, the pair having split up a few months before.

In the lead up to the crime LeBlanc had repeatedly contacted Mannion almost to the point of stalking. On the night of the murder she stole a gun from her current boyfriend and then sneaked into Mannion’s home. Her planning was quite meticulous and LeBlanc wore latex gloves and even put on Mannion’s shoes to avoid leaving any evidence. She then put a folded towel over his head as he slept and shot him in the head.

39-year-old LeBlanc was sentenced to 35 years to life with a chance of parole as part of a plea deal on the charge of second-degree murder.

However, Mannion’s family were unhappy with the sentence and wanted no chance of parole, especially as LeBlanc had made no apoligies or indeed expressed any regret over the murder.

Richard’s mother Tricia Mannion wrote in a letter that: “You are a heartless monsters and don’t deserve to live.”

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10 months ago

I know this person personally. This crime happened in sandown NH, not California.

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