Sean Taylor was murdered during home invasion – The Perfect Murder

Sean Taylor was murdered during a home invasion, the Washington Redskins player was shot in the leg and bled to death – The Perfect Murder examines the case.

24-year-old Taylor was at the top of his game as he player for the NFL’s Washington Redskins as a free safety. He signed a sever year contract with the team worth $18 million and he was enjoying his new found wealth.

Taylor was a bit of a rebel and had been fined by for various infractions and even had a few problems with the law, but overall he was happy living with his girlfriend and child.

On November 18, 2007, Taylor’s Miami home was burgled whilst he was away and his mother reported it to the police. Then on November 26 his home was invaded again and this time Taylor was home recovering from a football injury. The intruder shot him in the upper thigh, whilst his girlfriend and daughter hid under the bed. Unluckily for Taylor the bullet hit a main artery and despite being rushed to hospital he died after an emergency operation.

Fans and fellow players reacted with horror at the news and the police were under huge pressure to solve the case. A few days after his murder Venjah K. Hunte (20), Eric Rivera, Jr. (17), Charles Kendrick Lee Wardlow (18) and  Jason Scott Mitchell (19) were arrested and charged with various accounts of second-degree murder and armed burglary.

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After delays in the trial getting started Mitchell was given life, Wardlow 30 years, Brown 18 years under a plea agreement and Rivera, Jr. was sentenced to 57.5 years.

The Perfect Murder: Football Fatale airs at 7:00 P.M. on Investigation Discovery.

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