Shooting of Rodney Cockeye Stepp by Elwood Six examined on Kill or Be Killed

Mugshot of Elwood Six
Elwood Six was found guilty of reckless homicide after killing his friend, Cockeye Stepp. Pic credit: Martin County Sheriff’s Office

Kill or Be Killed is investigating the shooting of Rodney “Cockeye” Stepp by his friend Elwood “Woody” Six at Stepp’s home in Martin County, Kentucky.

At about 3 a.m. on December 6, 2017, the cops received a call from Woody Six about an incident at Stepp’s home. When the officers arrived, they found Six in the front drive standing over the body of Stepp and a large amount of blood on the ground.

Six ignored the officers’ commands to show his hands, and he refused to comply with any of their demands. At one point, Six told the cops, “Shoot me.”

The police tackled Six to the ground as he tried to reach for his pocket, and they later found a gun in that pants pocket.

The investigators eventually pieced together what happened between Six and Stepp, whom everybody knew to be close friends.

On December 5, the pair had spent the day together shopping for Christmas and having lunch. Six was driving Stepp’s truck because the latter was drinking heavily.

During the day, Stepp posted on social media that the pair were at a restaurant, and he wrote, “Nothing like Christmas Me & Woody Having FUN.”

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Elwood Six and Cockeye Stepp had argued throughout the day

Unfortunately, the pair may not have had too much fun together, as they reportedly argued throughout the day. Six was repeatedly telling his friend to stop drinking, and Stepp was getting increasingly annoyed at the nagging.

It seems as though their arguing got worse and worse and culminated when they arrived back at Stepp’s home in the middle of the night. Six pulled out a gun and shot his friend once in the driveway. Stepp was 46 years old and a father of four children.

Six claimed he had been acting in self-defense. In his 911 call, he said Stepp had him by the throat, and he knew his friend was armed.

The shooter was initially charged with second-degree manslaughter, but this was later upgraded to first-degree manslaughter. His trial was then delayed while doctors performed a competency test on Six.

Elwood Six convicted of reckless homicide in Cockeye Stepp shooting

Eventually, a jury convicted Six on the lesser charge of reckless homicide. The jurors took into account that Kentucky is a “stand your ground” state, which allows individuals to use deadly force to protect themselves.

However, the jury felt Six may have overreacted; hence, he was given the reckless homicide charge. This charge is usually employed when an individual causes a death without meaning to do so. He was sentenced to one year.

Kill or Be Killed airs Saturday at 9/8c on Oxygen.

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