Shooting of Pastor Tim Remington by Kyle A. Odom highlighted on The Shadows of Death

Pastor Tim Remington and Kyle Odom photo
Pastor Tim Remington survived after being shot six times by former marine Kyle A. Odom. Pic credit: The Altar Church Facebook/Kootenai County Jail

The shooting of Pastor Tim Remington by former marine Kyle A. Odom is spotlighted on The Shadows of Death on Investigation Discovery.

At around 2 pm on March 6, 2016, Remington was talking to his son on the phone while walking to his car in the Coeur d’Alene church parking lot in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, when a gunman opened fire, striking the then-55-year-old six times in the head and back before fleeing in a 2004 silver Honda Accord.

Two bystanders came to the pastor’s aid until paramedics arrived. Emergency first responders then transported Remington, who was the founder of The Altar Church, to Kootenai Health where he was listed in critical condition.

The pastor survived the shooting, which came a day after he gave the invocation at Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s rally, but one of the bullets almost pierced his brain.

Police named Odom as the suspect after surveillance cameras captured the license plate of the vehicle seen leaving the crime scene. He was arrested two days after the shooting at the South Fence of the White House, throwing objects which included a written document that claimed aliens were taking over and trying to turn him into a sex slave.

Officials said Odam served in the military and was honorably discharged, and he did not have a criminal history. He earned a biochemistry degree and had dreams of becoming a pharmacist, but everything changed in 2014 when he said a stranger on a plane advised him to purchase a disposable phone.

Odam said when he activated the phone, Remington called him. That’s when he began seeing the pastor as an alien attempting to possess humans.

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He has since undergone counseling and treatment for mental illness. Odam has apologized for his actions, and he stated that he hoped the pastor makes a full recovery.

Odam pled guilty to aggravated battery with a firearm, and he was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

In October 2018 his appeal claiming that his sentencing was excessive was rejected and his original sentence was affirmed by The Court of Appeals of the State of Idaho.

Remington was back giving sermons just three months after the attack.

The Shadows of Death — The Manifesto, airs at 10/9c on Investigation Discovery.

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