Shocking crimes of Austin Powers actor Joseph Son investigated by Death by Fame

Mugshot of Joseph Son
Joseph Son is serving two lengthy jail sentences. Pic credit: Huntington Beach Police Department

Death by Fame is investigating the heinous crimes of Hollywood bit actor Joseph “Joe” Hyungmin Son, who was found guilty of rape, torture, and then murder in Los Angeles, California.

Son was best known for playing henchman Random Task in the 1997 Michael Myers movie Austin Powers; however, seven years previously, he was guilty of a despicable crime.

On December 23, 1990, a woman known only as Victoria was walking back to her apartment with her dog after seeing Christmas lights with friends when she was attacked by Son and his accomplice, Santiago Lopez Gaitan.

Son and Gaitan forced Victoria into their car at gunpoint and drove her to Huntington Beach. The twisted duo subjected their victim to a horrendous attack when she was pistol-whipped, raped, sodomized, forced into oral copulation, and raped with a firearm.

Her attackers continually threatened to kill her, with Son at one point counting out the bullets in the gun. She suffered horrific injuries.

Victoria was finally allowed to leave, naked with her pants tied around her eyes. She stumbled to a nearby house looking for help, and the cops were called.

Joesph Son escaped justice and found fame in Hollywood

Unfortunately, the case grew cold, remaining unsolved for over ten years. In the meantime, Son found some fame in the movies.

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A breakthrough came in 2008 when Son was arrested on a vandalism charge and was compelled to provide a DNA sample, which finally linked him and Gaitan to the attack.

Son was eventually found guilty of torture and sentenced to seven years. He was initially also charged with numerous sexual offenses but escaped conviction because the statute of limitations had run out.

Gaitan pleaded guilty to kidnapping, rape, and other offenses and was sentenced to 17 years.

Joseph Son convicted of the murder of Michael Graham

On October 10, 2011, Son was not long into his sentence when he beat his cellmate, 50-year-old Michael Graham, to death with his bare hands. He died from multiple blunt-force trauma.

The correctional officers found Son standing in the doorway of his cell and Graham lying on the bottom bunk with his eyes and mouth open. Son told the guards, “I told you I need to get out of here.”

The then 46-year-old Son was convicted of voluntary manslaughter and given the maximum penalty of 27 years.

Death by Fame airs Mondays at 9/8c on Investigation Discovery.

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