Sherri Jackson was murdered by her abusive boyfriend DeCarlos Bennett

Mugshot of DeCarlos Bennett
DeCarlos Bennett pleaded guilty to choking Sherri Jackson to death before burying her remains in his mother’s backyard. Pic credit: Greenville County Sheriff’s Office

On November 29, 2006, Sherri Jackson from Greensboro, North Carolina, disappeared without a trance. A frantic search began after her boyfriend DeCarlos Bennett contacted her parents to inquire about her whereabouts.

However, it later transpired that Bennett was lying about his ignorance of his girlfriend’s location as he was the murderer.

When police searched Jackson’s apartment, they discovered it in disarray, as if a violent struggle had ensued. The police also found numerous bloodstains.

What further emerged was a story of violent domestic abuse. Acquaintances told of an occasion when Bennett had to be pulled off his girlfriend. It also emerged that Bennett had been arrested a month earlier when officers had noticed scratches on Jackson’s face.

Sherri Jackson had planned to leave DeCarlos Bennett

Friends and colleagues spoke of how Jackson had been planning to leave him and move in with her sister in Atlanta. Unfortunately, she never got the chance.

Neighbors told how they’d heard angry shouting coming from the apartment the night Jackson disappeared. Rather than call the police, one neighbor admitted to turning the volume on their TV up.

Bennett was charged with murder and was expected to receive a life sentence. However, a couple of weeks before his trial was set to go ahead; he issued a plea deal.

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As part of the plea deal, Bennett told investigators where he had buried Jackson’s remains. Her body was finally exhumed, and she was given a proper burial, nineteen months after she had first disappeared.

After pleading guilty to second-degree murder, he was given a 13-year jail sentence.

A week before he murdered Jackson, Bennett had spent thanksgiving dinner with his victim’s father when he had discussed faith and the importance of respecting women.

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