Sharon Garrison murdered by her husband Chuck in violent argument

Mugshot of Chuck Garrison
Chuck Garrison received a 30 year sentence for the murder of his wife Sharon. Pic credit: Colorado Dept. of Corrections

Sharon Garrison was murdered in September 2000 in Breckenridge, Colorado, by her husband Chuck. In the heat of an argument he battered her to death.

Sharon, 49, had suffered bruising all over her body, a fractured voice box, and was killed by a smashed skull from an object similar to a hammer. She had many wounds indicating she had struggled to defend herself.

After her death, Chuck hired a contractor, who had previously done landscaping work for the couple, to urgently bury her body under six feet of earth, a mere 100 yards from their home. The contractor was unaware of the contents of the blue tarpaulin that Chuck had wrapped around his wife’s remains.

Her disappearance marked the start of a month long search for Sharon, during which time Chuck repeatedly misled investigators as to the whereabouts of his wife. Investigators noticed that Chuck seemed unconcerned and quite jovial during the search period. Family and relatives later brought Chuck’s previous threats to roll her up in a carpet to the attention of police.

When her body was eventually found police searched the Garrison home and discovered evidence of a pool of blood beneath the flooring and splatters of blood on the kitchen walls.

The pair had been married for 10 years and were apparently no strangers to marital strife, arguing frequently, even resorting to death threats. Their main source of dispute seems to have revolved around the family’s finances. Both had previously filed for divorce, but then failed to go through with proceedings.

Chuck Garrison has maintained his innocence, maintaining at his trial that “I did not murder my wife, by God”, and his son testified on his behalf. He was convicted of second degree murder and received a sentence of 30 years. His attempts to appeal the sentence have so far failed.

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